What can you do with a generic transfer pricing report?
Make a squadron of paper planes?

Here’s your chance to win an Apple iPad!

Generic reports are completely useless, unlike our hyper-localized reports that meet the transfer pricing requirements in every country you have operations. So tell us what you could do all those useless generic reports. The best idea wins!

With 75 countries having different regulations, generic reports just don’t cut it. What’s the point in paying for something that’s worthless and that puts your company at risk?

Localized reports
from Fiona; our worldly
AI techy cleverness

About CrossBorder Solutions

CrossBorder Solutions has become the largest independent transfer pricing consultancy in the world by relying on powerful technology.  When our software is combined with our worldwide consultants, we are able to provide your company with worldwide penalty protection and also complete insulation from crippling adjustments.

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